A separate Northern State should have become reality in 1897 when a William Kidstone MLA (Rockhampton) proposal was passed on the Speaker's casting vote after a twenty for and twenty against split. Victory was within the grasp of the people from the North at last but on the following day a number of absent members of the Assembly advised Sir Hugh Nelson (Premier) in writing that the resolution was carried "in a very thin house" after a late night sitting. They recorded their dissent even though they had been absent from the house. The fact that Separation did not eventuate from that historic moment proved Archibald Archer's MLA (Rockhampton) warning that, “Forces of vast power” would oppose separation. (McDonald, Lorna, 1981 Rockhampton: A History of City and District. St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, p.553.)


The creation of the numerous states within the United States of America was the catalyst for its unparalleled development and so too would be the case for Australia. The development of the north can be driven politically just as much as it can be done economically. However, due to a lack of leadership, limited northern political representation, apathy and the triumph of rhetoric over reality the potential of northern Australia remains untapped. Our capital city centric policies encourage people to cling to the few capital cities of the south.

Therefore, the development of polices for northern Australia without the creation of more northern states is an impossible task. e.g. North Queensland and Northern Territory.


A separate North Queensland state will bring the benefits of:-

  • More northern political representation

  • Decentralization

  • Independence

  • Economic development

  • Improved infrastructure

  • Employment opportunities increased

  • Improved health facilities and outcomes

  • Stopping the "brain drain" of students relocating to southern capital city educational institutions

  • Northern politicians "forced" to represent North Queensland's interests

  • Australia's strategic security enhanced by northern development and population growth

  • No daylight saving

  • Shared community of interests

  • More representation for all sports teams

  • No Brisbane dictated control

  • Self-determination

  • Wealth of the north stays in the north

North Queenslanders have become conditioned to accept their status as second class citizens in their own resource rich state.

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