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A flag for all Australians.



Symbolism ... All Australian Flag.


Retains the current flag’s blue background with white stars. Australia is surrounded by blue oceans plus white surf on our beaches and white heat of the outback.

In the upper hoist (canton) of the flag is the white seven pointed Federation Star that represents current states and territories.

On the fly are 5 white stars, representing the Southern Cross to signify that we are geographically located in the southern hemisphere.

Yellow and green stripes are set parallel at the bottom of the flag. The yellow (gold) represents Australia’s golden beaches, golden wattle, deserts and wealth while the green represents the tropical rainforests and vast open grasslands. It also reinforces Green and Gold as our sporting colours.

This new Australian flag acknowledges the merits and history of our current Australian flag. The flag represents a simple landscape picture of our green and gold coastline together with our open blue sky above containing the Southern Cross constellation plus the Federation Star.

Designed in 2006 by Edward R. Cattoni

* Shortlisted by Ausflag in 2015:-

© Copyright 2006

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